Meir Panim Update
Treating our Soldiers and Youth all over Israel
July 8, 2021

With various facilities and programs throughout the country, Meir Panim offers a wide range of food and social service programs to break the cycle of poverty, help at-risk youth, and support the general community of Israel.

Supporting our Soldiers in Tiberias

At Meir Panim, we firmly believe in supporting the brave frontline soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces. Our Tiberias branch manager, Yehudit, heard about a group of soldiers stationed nearby. Together with her incredible staff, Yehudit prepared a special meal for the nearby soldiers. Instead of their usual field rations, the soldiers enjoyed a nourishing meal of chicken, fresh salads, dips, and more. We want to thank Yehudit and her incredible staff for making this happen!

Graffiti Workshop in Sderot

During Operation Guardian of the Walls, the recent war between Israel and Gaza, Gaza adjacent towns like Sderot were shaken to their core during the eleven days of nonstop rocket fire. During the conflict, the youth of these outlining areas were especially affected psychologically and emotionally. To help recover from the trauma, our Sderot Neighborhood Youth Center arranged a graffiti workshop for the local youth.

During the workshop, our teens ‘graffitied’ various words and phrases that aligned with their core values as individuals and as a collective group onto the Youth Centers walls. Through this experience, the ‘graffitiing’ actively engaged the teens in expressing themselves in a supportive and safe environment while also leading into a healthy discourse about the values and ideals they represent.

In addition to the graffiti workshop, our teens have started preparing for their matriculation exams. Our Sderot teens have taken the initiative in organizing and running study groups for the exams in the Center. We are incredibly proud of our teens’ leadership in coming together to study for these exams. This is a prime example of how our Neighborhood Youth Centers empower our teens to build the life skills necessary for a successful future.

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