Meir Panim’s Programs

Meir Panim does much more than just feeding the needy, we transform lives.


At Meir Panim, we know that the needs of the impoverished go beyond feeding them. That’s why we have such a diverse group of programs dedicated to helping everyone in need, whatever the need may be.




Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens are a dignified alternative to traditional soup kitchens, roughly 1,000,000 quality meals annually, in a comfortable dining setting to impoverished Israelis.


For the homebound, elderly, and disabled – including Holocaust survivors – venturing to Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens for a meal is impossible. Meir Panim responds to their needs by delivering freshly packaged meals to homebound individuals each day.


Innocent children are the most unfortunate victims of Israel’s poverty crisis. Over 1.1 million children in Israel are currently living below the poverty line. Meir Panim’s Meals for Children program provides one hot, nourishing meal every day to needy children in Israel – because no child should go to bed hungry.

Sderot Community Center

Meir Panim runs a community center which helps teens at risk develop important life skills while working to break the cycle of poverty.

Uplifting Holocaust Survivors

Meir Panim’s Holocaust Survivor Day Center in Dimona offers special programs for surviors, ensuring that all their needs are met while creating a fun and social environment that they may otherwise not have. 


Meir Panim distributes food packages filled with traditional holiday foods to thousands of families in need.


The heartbreaking scenes of people waiting in long lines at food pantries have become increasingly common. Struggling families, destitute elderly and Holocaust survivors deserve to receive aid with dignity.


Every family is entitled to celebrate Shabbat, a day of peace, joy and delicious foods. But what if there is no food to put on the table? What will make Shabbat special if the day is filled with hunger and want?


Too many needy Israeli individuals and families live in shameful conditions, lacking basic amenities for the home and even bare essentials like a bed, refrigerator, table and chairs, stove, or baby equipment. With the poverty rate in Israel currently standing at almost 25%, thousands of people struggle to furnish their homes with even the most basic of necessities.

why do we need your help?

We help a lot of people, it's expensive! Here are some of the costs that we need your help covering every month.

Monthly cost of running 3 Neighborhood Youth Centers

Monthly cost of services for Holocaust Survivors

Monthly costs of meals-on-wheels food and delivery expenses

Monthly costs of meals served in restaurant-style soup kitchens


Meir Panim works with the higest standards and values in dealing with poverty in Israel.

Preserving Dignity

Meir Panim puts a focus on serving its patrons in a dignified manner. Nobody chooses to be in a situation where they need help. That’s why Meir Panim takes pride in offering services in a way that shows proper respect for each individual.

Breaking the Cycle

Meir Panim is dedicated to abolishing poverty, not just treating it. That’s why we put a strong focus on building community centers dedicated to growing life skills and a future full of hope.

Above and Beyond

Meir Panim’s branches are always attuned to the needs of their clients. It is common to see volunteers giving out school supplies, offering free eye exams and much more at the branches.

Far Reaching

Meir Panim’s branches are located in cities across the country, from Tzfat in the north all the way to Dimona in the south. Our goal is to make Meir Panim’s services accessible to as many needy individuals as possible.

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Meir Panim’s community is more than just our volunteers on the ground. We are a global community with a common passion for supporting the needy in Israel.

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Want to take part in solving Israel’s poverty issue? It’s easy to make a difference when you partner with Meir Panim! Join in the fight against poverty by making a monthly or one-time contribution today.