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Joy of Giving

Every week families, singles, young adults, and older guests – caring people just like you! – are making their trip to Israel even more meaningful by adding a visit to a Meir Panim facility to their itineraries.
When you see for yourself what really goes on behind the scenes at the beautifully appointed relief centers – when you roll up your sleeves and help prepare and serve delicious food to grateful and appreciative diners, you can’t help but feel fulfilled and warm all over.

Enrich your trip

Meir Panim’s Free Restaurants are a dignified alternative to soup kitchens, providing quality food, served by caring staff and volunteers, to Israel’s needy. Make arrangements today for yourself or a group of any size to visit or volunteer. The experience is guaranteed to enrich your trip and your life.

Volunteer at our soup kitchen

With locations throughout the country, there’s a Meir Panim branch not far away from where you’ll be staying. Our appreciative diners await your friendly smile and warm hearted assistance.

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