Poverty in Israel

The people of the Holy Land are suffering!

The Plight of Poverty in Israel

The Elderly

Over twenty percent of Israel’s senior citizens live alone with no one to care for them. Many of these elderly individuals also live far below the poverty line.


Tens of thousands of Israelis are suffering from a lack of proper housing. Without the bare essentials to take care of yourself, breaking the cycle of poverty becomes nearly impossible. 


Two in five Israeli children will go to sleep hungry because their parents cannot afford to buy food. Research has shown that a lack of basic nutrition, especially at a young age, can cause developmental issues and long-term health risks.

Immigrants’ Homes

Israel has no quota on Jewish immigrants, allowing all exiles to return to our homeland; many are struggling economically.

Holocaust Survivors

There are 179,600 Holocaust Survivors in Israel. Thirty-three percent of them are living below the poverty line, and forty-five percent have reported feeling alone. After all they have been through, our survivors deserve extra emotional and physical support.


Young students from low-income homes often don’t have the proper resources to succeed in school, further propelling them into the cycle of poverty.

Shocking statistics

Understanding Poverty in Israel by the Numbers:

2.5 Million Israelis

Live in devastating poverty.

1.1 MILLION Children

Are hungry and often forced to skip meals.

932,000 Needy Families

Many of which lack basic essentials and are living in poverty.

179,600 Holocaust Survivors

Live in Israel, of which, 33% live below the poverty line.

Hear From Poverty Stricken Israelis

David S., Dimona

“It is so hard to put food on the table for my kids… I wish I could give them a better life.”

Sam P., Jerusalem

“My wife and I are trying to make the best of our situation but I am afraid that our son does not eat enough.”

Beth M. Tzfat

“I have lived on the street for years. I pray each day that I will soon merit a roof over my head.”

We need your help to lift our beloved brothers and sisters out of poverty! 

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