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Holocaust Survivor Day Center

Meir Panim recently launched a Holocaust Survivor Day Center in the southern Israeli city of Dimona to help help elderly holocaust survivors receive proper physical and emotional support. In partnership with Dimona’s Municipality, the program acts as a crucial support system for the area’s remaining Holocaust survivors.

The group, consisting of over 20 survivors, meets three days each week between the hours of 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. The seniors enjoy a hot breakfast followed by activities and time in the community, with a nutritious lunch to end each day’s programming.

Activities include dancing, singing, festive holiday parties, group discussions, and art.

Staffed by a social worker, the program supports the needs of the survivors as they age, providing not only nourishment for their bodies, but also for their souls in the form of emotional support and community connection. Through this program, Meir Panim ensures that these survivors, who have been through so much in their lives, can enjoy each day and age with care and dignity.