Meir Panim during the Coronavirus Pandemic


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Israel entered a state of emergency. Unemployment rates jumped from 4% to 26%, and hundreds of thousands of Israeli’s we pushed into poverty. As a result, 1 in 7 Israelis are skipping meals, and 50% of Israelis are worried they could not pay rent.

The need for our daily meals tripled, and we met the demands of the newly unemployed, clients in isolation who have reached out for help, and those who have been put on furlough. Many families found themselves in this kind of situation for the first time in their lives.

The financial strain of the pandemic will last well into the future and beyond its health risks. Meir Panim is committed to meeting the increase in demands as long as it takes and is committed to helping as many needy people as possible.

why do we need your help?

We help a lot of people, it's expensive! Here are some of the costs that we need your help covering every month.

Monthly cost of running 3 Neighborhood Youth Centers

Monthly cost of services for Holocaust Survivors

Monthly costs of meals-on-wheels food and delivery expenses

Monthly costs of meals served in restaurant-style soup kitchens