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    Every day destitute men, women, and children turn to Meir Panim for a hot, nourishing meal to give them strength and sustenance. However, for the homebound, elderly, and disabled - including Holocaust survivors -
    venturing to Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens for a meal is impossible. For others, the embarrassment of being seen receiving a free meal is more painful than the hunger that they experience alone.

    Meir Panim responds to their needs by delivering freshly packaged meals to homebound individuals each day. The Department of Social Welfare and local municipalities inform Meir Panim when there are people who are in need of the Meals-on-Wheels services; people in need also call to request assistance.

    Teams of devoted volunteers in Israel provide food for the impoverished by delivering the nutritious meals, while also inquiring into the individuals’ welfare. The volunteers ascertain if they are in need of other forms of assistance, such as basic necessities like furniture and medication, or even emergency household repairs. For lonely homebound people, these visits are often their only connection to the outside world. Since Meir Panim’s volunteers often have the most regular contact with these individuals, they have been able to report illnesses or declines in health to the proper authorities, preserving their overall state of health.