Meir Panim’s dedicated team makes sure to feed, care for, and assist the needy all over Israel. However, we couldn’t do it without you! We rely on our passionate community of givers who make our programs so successful. As your child enters adulthood, allow them to start giving too!

Learning to take responsibility for others

Adding a meaningful element to your child’s big day will teach them the value of caring for others and sharing the responsibility for the future of the Jewish people.

Create a powerful experience that will connect your child to The Land of Israel and the larger Jewish community. Partnering with Meir Panim to celebrate your child’s big day will change the trajectory of a struggling family in Israel and impart valuable life lessons as your child enters adulthood. While celebrating with Meir Panim, they can make a difference and kickstart a lifetime of giving.


By joining the Meir Panim Bar\Bat Mitzvah Project, your child will learn that even teenagers can make a big difference. Here are just a few Meir Panim programs they can choose to adopt and support as their mitzvah project:

Restaurant Style Soup Kitchens

A dignified alternative to traditional soup kitchens, our branches serve thousands of needy Israelis nutritious food in a restaurant-like atmosphere.

Meals-on-Wheels program

brings food directly to the homes of Israel’s elderly, the sick, or Holocaust Survivors who can’t make it to our relief center branches.

Neighborhood Youth Centers

provides a safe and healthy place for at-risk teens where they’re taught to become Israel’s future leaders.

Holocaust Survivor Day Center

supports Holocaust survivors in southern Israel by building a warm community that provides them with a high quality of life.

How the Meir Panim Bar\Bat Mitzvah Project Works:

Have your child choose the Meir Panim program they’re most excited about to support and bring awareness to their mitzvah project.

Meir Panim will spotlight your child and create a personal campaign page on our website dedicated to supporting their cause.

Share the page with your family and friends to get the word out! A donation form will be attached to the page, making it easy to donate.

Meir Panim will spotlight your child and create a personal campaign page on our website dedicated to supporting their cause.

As contributions come in, your child can track their campaign’s success in real-time as they count down to their big day!

We love being a part of these special moments and are grateful for each and every Bar and Bat mitzvah who choose to celebrate with Meir Panim! As a token of gratitude for their support and dedication to Israel’s needy, the Bar\Bat Mitzvah will receive:

A special Meir Panim certificate on their day of celebration

A feature in Meir Panim’s monthly newsletter

A heartfelt letter of appreciation from the Meir Panim recipients

Planning to visit?!

Are you planning a trip to Israel to celebrate the big day? Arrange a visit to one of our Meir Panim branches, and bring your family and friends for a day of volunteering and fun.

Read about a volunteer

Watch a video of a volunteer

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!