Meir Panim Update
Thanks to you, everyone is "Beseder!"
January 1, 1970

Individuals and families from all walks of life in over 100 cities in Israel rose to the challenge and invited needy people into their homes for Seder night. Among the most special requests we received was a 7 year old boy who called to invite a lone soldier to his family’s Seder, and an elderly female Holocaust survivor who called to invite another female Holocaust survivor, to celebrate their freedom from slavery together.

Meir Panim’s director Racheli Ebenbaum said that “we were moved each day to discover the level of willingness of Israeli citizens to open their eyes and see the great need, to open their homes and to accept needy people as equals.

I’m sure that each of these 4,000 families that participated in the campaign will choose to maintain their relationship with the individuals they hosted. At this point we know what the campaign has started, but we have no idea how it will continue to change the lives of all those who participated.”

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