Meir Panim Update
Sukkot at Meir Panim
October 4, 2023

The holiday of Sukkot is now upon us, and the weeks of preparation for our staff in caring for our patrons has all concluded with distributions to thousands of families in advance of the week long holiday. One of two weeks a year that Meir Panim is closed (in addition to the week of Passover) our staff make sure that our communities in need are taken care of even when we are off. Before closing, our branch managers made sure to provide our patrons with fresh festive meals for the Holiday, cooked and frozen meals that they can warm themselves during the week, pantry staples, farm fresh produce and grocery shopping cards. 

One major highlight and update for this year is that two of our branches, have built sukkahs on site of our campuses for patrons to come in and utilize during the holiday. 

In these two locations, Or Akiva and Dimona, many of our local patrons live in apartments and  don’t have outdoor space to put a Sukkah nor the funds or physical ability and time to build one. At Meir Panim branches, these communal sukkahs truly create a second home for the patrons during this week. 

These sukkahs are truly another creative way that our branch staff go above and beyond to care for our patrons and communities. Especially during a busy season where all of the country is in a flurry building their own Sukkahs and preparing for the holiday,0 our patrons were so touched with this gesture. We always want our patrons to feel that they are taken care of, are a part of our family and community, and that even the two weeks a year our branch staff and volunteers take off, they are truly always our priority.

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