Meir Panim Update
Spirit of Kindness at Meir Panim Branches
February 8, 2021

At Meir Panim, our unique approach to giving has allowed us to bring communities together and create a sense of family among our patrons, staff, and volunteers. We understand that common bonds are created through helping others, which can create a ripple effect for doing good. We have had the opportunity to share these values of compassion for others with thousands of people.

This month, two of Meir Panim’s Branches had the privilege of connecting with the younger generation to create a new cycle of givers that will carry on for many years to come.

In Dimona, a group of parents got together to provide their children with a meaningful activity while their schools were shut down due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Both children and parents experienced the opportunity of helping the Branch package and distribute meals for many homebound patrons. After a day of giving to those in need, we know they left as inspired as our staff was by their charitable acts.

Meanwhile, in Or Akiva, a young patron was able to experience the warmth of Meir Panim when her family was in need of a location to host the Brit Mila, circumcision, of their newborn son. Luckily, the branch’s staff are experts in converting the space for all types of events, such as Bar Mitzvahs and engagement parties, and quickly offered to host the Brit Mila.

The team took care of all the details, including securing the special chair used in the ceremony, and prepared the site so the family could hold a truly beautiful event for their newest addition. The family was so touched by the staff’s efforts and have no doubt that the generous spirit of Meir Panim will remain with their young one throughout his life.

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