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Nissim, Ilanit, and Yehudit: Three Branch Managers Awarded for Their Difference in Israel
December 15, 2021

At every Meir Panim Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen, there’s one person behind the magic, making sure everything at that branch operates smoothly- and that’s our beloved branch managers! From making sure that each day’s meals are prepped and ready, to learning the personal needs of each client that steps through our doors, these branch managers go above and beyond.

As we near the end of the year, three of our dedicated branch managers Nissim, Ilanit, and Yehudit, all received awards in recognition of their incredible work for the People of Israel.

Nissim, our Dimona branch manager, received a special award for the branch’s efforts in supporting the local community and IDF soldiers during the recent war in May, Operation Guardian of the Walls. The well-deserved award included a certificate of appreciation from Yachad L’mann Hachayal, an organization that funds many projects within the IDF. 

Ilanit, our Or Akiva branch manager, received two awards: one for her outstanding work during COVID-19 and the other for her efforts during Operation Guardian of the Walls. 

And last but not least, Yehudit, our Tiberias branch manager, received an award for her hard work for the Tiberias community. In addition to the award, locals threw a fun ice cream party for her, and the rest of the Meir Panim community to enjoy!

While none of our branch managers are in it for recognition, it’s clear that their impact throughout the year and during times of crisis cannot go unnoticed. These awards are a reflection of their dedication and commitment to helping anyone in need. Thank you, Nissim, Ilanit, and Yehudit, for the incredible work you do every day. We are so proud of your passion and the way you represent Meir Panim! 

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