Meir Panim Update
Nearing Completion of the Israel Nutrition Center at Kiryat Gat
January 1, 1970

This revolutionary facility will produce and distribute up to 30,000 meals daily to needy
schoolchildren, diners at Meir Panim’s free restaurants, and recipients of Meals-on-Wheels.

The center will also offer a variety of vital social services, such as an after-school youth club and vocational training.

  • The foundations and framework of the building are complete. Roof has been laid
    and ceiling paving is 30% complete.
  • Floors have been laid and walls have been erected. Paving, painting and tiling
    are in progress.
  • The exterior of the building is currently being finished in Jerusalem stone.
  • Water and sewage pipes have been installed, and 85% of bathroom fixtures
    through-out the facility are in place.
  • Electrical cables have been installed, along with boards and transformers, and
    connections are 75% completed.
  • Half the lighting fixtures throughout the facility are in place, and 75% percent of
    switches and outlets have been installed.
  • External air conditioning system is 80% completed and internal air conditioning
    system is 90% completed.
  • Refrigeration and freezing rooms, temperature controlled according to type of
    food being stored (meat, poultry, produce, etc.) are 70% complete.

Despite the difficult economic climate, fundraising efforts in the United States and abroad have
brought in more than $6 million from over 900 donors to date. However, an additional $2.3
million is still needed to complete the Israel Nutrition Center, which is scheduled to open in Q4
of 2011.

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