Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim Presents: Rosh Hashana 2023 – 5784
September 21, 2023

Already starting the week after Pesach, Meir Panim’s staff are thinking about the fall holidays and Rosh Hashana for the year ahead (the same goes for the day after Sukkot planning for Passover begins!), and ways to make the holidays extra special for our patrons in need.

This year, with Israel facing a cost of living crisis, especially given food prices are 38% more expensive than the average developed nation, Meir Panim is going above and beyond to help those in need, including new families currently struggling to make ends meet, enjoy a happy Jewish New Year, and start the year off with joy and hope.

The energy the week before the Holiday in our branches nationwide is electric, with our staff and volunteers cooking and planning, all with love and respect for our patrons. 

Thursday, the day before Rosh Hashana this year, tens of thousands of people came to our branches or had meals delivered, supported by volunteers and donors from around the world. This Rosh Hashana Meir Panim provided 28,000 meals and 17,000 holiday baskets.

This enormous undertaking is only possible because of the worldwide Meir Panim family, who choose to spend their time and generosity to start the year with a helping hand.

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