Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim Cleans House
January 1, 1970

It was concerning an 80 year-old man, living alone, in deplorable, unsanitary conditions. His appalling living conditions not only endangered him, but also those living nearby.

The request was very clear: help us clean and clear his home.

Despite the enormous difficulties involved, Ilanit did not hesitate. Within minutes, she mobilized volunteers, preparing them for a new kind of ‘mission.”

Together with the Lechem Founation, the Federation of Miami, the Or Akiva Municipality and a special police unit, they got underway.

The elderly gentleman was sent to the hospital for treatment, and a major cleaning job began.

Dressed in Meir Panim t-shirts, and equipped with special masks and gloves for much-needed protection, the volunteers worked all day.

The sights and smells were difficult to bear. But the volunteers persisted until the home was deemed fit for living again.

To the cheering of neighbors, they finished off the job.

The city and the municipality are very grateful for this gesture.

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