Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim – Caring for Soldiers Every Day
March 14, 2024

Five months into the war in Israel, Meir Panim continues to provide daily support to our front line troops. Our work in giving them extra care provides so much more than meals and clothing – it provides resolve, love, and hope. Our efforts remind our heroes that the whole country, and our larger community of supporters around the world, honors their ongoing sacrifice and commitment to the safety and security of Israel. 

In recent weeks, Meir Panim staff and volunteers have travelled to multiple front line military stations, bringing essential goods to distribute – as well as our signature warm and nutritious meals to nourish their bodies and spirits.

Our barbeques and homemade meals give them a respite from combat rations and are served with a heavy dose of love and encouragement. As this winter has been particularly rainy, we have also provided warm scarves, special tactical gloves, and thick blankets – especially needed on the chilly northern border – to keep our troops safe, comfortable, and healthy until the sunshine of spring emerges.

Meir Panim has committed fully to our expanded mission of serving those most affected by the ongoing war in Israel, and we will continue to provide everything we can until the last troop is home safely.

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