Meir Panim Update
Jerusalem Meir Panim Knows How to Party!
December 11, 2018

With Meir Panim’s Jerusalem branch renovations near completion, patrons and guests alike were happy to join in celebrating Chanukah!  

Meir Panim’s Jerusalem branch held an open house during Chanukah welcoming young and old alike from the surrounding community. This wonderful celebration included face-painting, fresh popcorn, donuts, dancing and arts and crafts.

The arts and crafts were not only fun but meaningful. Participants decorated Meir Panim place-mats to be used when serving lunch to those in need who would come for the next day’s lunch. What a thoughtful and creative idea!

Meir Panim was thrilled to welcome back repeat volunteers from Nativ and Hebrew University. The help of these dedicated and caring students was essential to the success of this program.  The students did everything from creating a fun music playlist to face painting participants and handing out cotton candy and popcorn.

One of Meir Panim’s most dedicated volunteers, Ellen Tilles provided an extra thoughtful and caring gift to the patrons she cares so much about. Ellen comes nearly every day to the Jerusalem branch to serve patrons and offer kind words of support and comfort to those who need it most.

Ellen Tilles

As Chanukah marks the 23rd anniversary of Ellen’s father’s death, she commemorated this day by adding light to Meir Panim patrons by bringing delicious sufganiot donuts which were distributed to all.

What an incredible gesture! May we all be inspired by her generosity!

Thank you Jerusalem staff and volunteers for a great party! It was a real team effort which so many enjoyed. It was a wonderful celebration for the children and families of Jerusalem and provided great exposure to Meir Panim’s mission.

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