Meir Panim Update
IsrooSearch Benefits the Needy in Israel
January 1, 1970

About IsrooSearch…

IsrooSearch is a new search engine that allows its users to donate to Israeli organizations without spending any money! How does it work? For each hit on a search result displayed through IsrooSearch, Google distributes a portion of its profits to IsrooSearch on behalf of the Google’s technology editor site. IsrooSearch, thereafter, distributes all of its financial gains to humanitarian organizations which help and support Israel. Thanks to its official partnership with Google, IsrooSearch guarantees relevant and quick results by the world’s largest search engine.

The website was launched in March 2008. Today, thanks to the spread of information through mail, radio interviews, partnership with Jewish student associations and more, IsrooSearch lists more than 700 users per day across the world and has generated thousands of dollars in income for Israeli humanitarian organizations.

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