Meir Panim Update
Help Families Stay Warm
October 31, 2019

The clocks in Israel have been changed. This indicates the start of the winter months and welcoming the Shabbat earlier. The rhythm changes, as families flurry to get ready for the day of rest earlier. And while they prepare scrumptious meals, have you considered a way to help those in need? 

Every person should be able to celebrate Shabbat, with both physical and spiritual nourishment. But what if you cannot prepare that meal? The very basic necessity of Challah, isn’t a given for all.

According to Mimi Rozmaryn, director of global development for Meir Panim, many Israelis can’t comfortably make Shabbat, and that’s a difficult reality to consider given so many that can in the Jewish State. “Every bit that we can help, at Meir Panim, makes a difference in the Jewish home and for Israel.” 

Mother of six, Rachel Cohen, from Tzur Hadassah, moved to Israel in August of 2017. Dreaming of a new life in Israel, the couple found it hard to acclimate to Israel and find new jobs. The average salary being 8,000 shekel a month wasn’t enough to cover all costs. The children would bring challah from their nursery school, which was used to take place of a real, 10 shekel loaf. Drivers from Meals on Wheels bring these fresh foods to families in need. Rachel adds that “Meir Panim’s program is a life saver, bringing back the warmth that’s expected and necessary to welcome the Shabbat queen.”  

Meir Panim welcomes you, this season, to support the “Challah for Shabbat Project.” The program plans to distribute 3,000 healthy, wholesome Challah loaves each week to Israeli citizens in need. 

As a thanks to you, we welcome you to try our special challah recipe in your home and encourage you to make one extra loaf for a friend.

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