Meir Panim Update
Hands-on Chessed
January 1, 1970

Rabbi Naftali Besser, Dean of Students at the modern orthodox Brooklyn school, brought the group to Israel for their annual Chessed Mission. They were enthusiastic about helping out and ready to work. Decked out in red Meir Panim aprons, they peeled potatoes, chopped salad and served lunch with a smile.

In addition to being hard-working, the group could not have been more caring and courteous, treating the restaurant patrons with dignity and respect. Once the work was done, they made a special point of sitting down with the diners, asking about their well-being, or simply how they were enjoying their food (for many, their only hot meal of the day).

“Thank you for letting us help out here today” remarked one group member, while another claimed “we are the beneficiaries of this visit, rather than the diners.”

Rabbi Besser echoed his group’s thoughts, thanking Meir Panim “for the great work you do. We are so happy to be here today.”

Thanks to all the hard workers and to Rabbi Besser for bringing these caring individuals to help out at Meir Panim. We look forward to seeing the YOF Alumni Chessed Mission every year!

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