Meir Panim Update
Greenburgh Hebrew Center Group Performs Chesed In Jerusalem
January 1, 1970

Several families brought their children with them to partake in the chesed activities and celebrate their forthcoming Bar Mitzvahs amidst the beauty of Jerusalem. Meir Panim Relief Centers throughout Israel have become an integral part of many synagogue and organizational missions to Israel. Members of the Greenburgh Hebrew Center group rolled up their sleeves and helped prepare hot lunches for hundreds of local citizens (pictured), who would otherwise go hungry, if not for Meir Panim’s upscale soup kitchen in central Jerusalem. The synagogue’s Talmud Torah collected funds for 20 school backpacks that were filled with supplies for children in the area, who could not afford them. Other group members ventured to Meir Panim’s “Koach Latet” (Power of Giving) center, where they assisted in delivering quality second-hand appliances and furniture to couples and families in need.

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