Meir Panim Update
Going beyond simply serving food
October 21, 2021
At Meir Panim, we work day and night to ensure that Israel’s impoverished get everything they need to break the cycle of poverty. We firmly believe that this starts with treating each individual with the utmost dignity and respect in everything we do.

While most people know about our work feeding Israel’s needy, less know about the other ways we serve our clients’ needs with dignity in all aspects of life.

In addition to ensuring that every Meir Panim branch runs smoothly at the highest standards, our staff are always looking out for the members of their communities on a personal level. Recently, Ilanit, our Or Akiva branch manager, heard about a mother who had just left a shaky situation and had been working hard to reestablish her life for herself and her children.

Ilanit discovered that the mother’s newborn child had not yet received a brit milah (circumcision), a major foundational life event in Jewish culture. In classic Meir Panim fashion, Ilanit took it upon herself to help this mother give her son the brit milah they wanted and deserved.

Days before Yom Kippur, Ilanit managed to coordinate a beautiful ceremony for this family that had been through so much. Our devoted volunteers created an incredible atmosphere filled with joy and happiness. From the brit milah ceremony to the festive meal that followed, Meir Panim’s staff went above and beyond to bring joy to the hearts of a family in need.

This is just one of the many ways Meir Panim goes the extra mile to serve its local communities with care and compassion. It’s moments like this, where we are able to help those in need feel a sense of normalcy, build their confidence and establish their self-worth, which we believe puts them on the path to break the cycle of poverty.


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