Meir Panim Update
Giving Back Through Chess
February 1, 2022

At Meir Panim, we are constantly humbled by our supporters’ generosity and desire to help those in need. From individuals and families to businesses and organizations, we are grateful for every contribution that allows us to continue feeding the hungry and helping those less fortunate.

We always love to see the new and creative ways that our supporters raise money for Meir Panim and give back to those in need. In the past few weeks, a very special group of donors, members of a local chess club in Tel Aviv, came up with a new initiative they call “Chess in the Square.”

The idea is simple. The chess club sets up in the central Dizengoff square in Tel Aviv and offers to play pedestrians for a game of chess, with stakes that involve donating 20 NIS (the equivalent of roughly $6.00) to Meir Panim if they lose. This initiative has already raised thousands of shekels for Meir Panim and has offered a unique way for our supporters to give back.

We think this initiative is genius! We love the creativity behind it, how it involves people having fun while raising money for those in need, and how it can be replicated anywhere in a place where chess boards can be set up.

We wish this chess club all the best with their new initiative, and thank them for their support!

Do you have any great ideas to raise money for Meir Panim? We would love to hear about them! Contact us at to share your idea or learn about other ways you can help.

Thank you for your continued support of Meir Panim and our life-changing work feeding the hungry and helping those in need in Israel.

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