Meir Panim Update
International Holocaust Day Of Remembrance In Dimona
January 29, 2020

Thursday, January 27th was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. While world leaders gathered in Jerusalem to mark this day, the Holocaust Survivors who attend Meir Panim’s Senior Day Center in Dimona commemorated the day in their own special way.

Although Holocaust Remembrance Day is a day of reflection and commemoration, Meir Panim gave everyone a reason to smile. The Dimona Holocaust Survivors celebrated Karol Grepp’s 89th birthday! Watch below as Karol and other Holocaust Survivors dance in honor of his birthday.

Meir Panim provides Karol and the other Holocaust Survivors essential services like social workers, who speak various European languages, and are available to help them overcome their challenges.  Additionally, trained professionals come to the Meir Panim Dimona Branch to exercise and dance as a way to keep the elderly healthy and active.

The Holocaust Senior Day Center is a place for people to get together, eat delicious meals and enjoy each other’s company. Meir Panim is privileged to be able to increase the quality of life for these special Holocaust Survivors.


A Holocaust Survivor spends the morning reading from the Book of Psalms.


The Holocaust Survivors who attend the day programs at Meir Panim describe the center as “life-saving”.


Warm and nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch are served to all those who attend the Meir Panim programs. The social outlet and companionship that Holocaust Survivors receive at Meir Panim are just as important as the meals themselves.


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