Meir Panim Update
Building Lifelong Relationships at Meir Panim
January 11, 2022

At Meir Panim, our dedicated staff and volunteers not only work to change lives every day but also build relationships that last a lifetime. They do this by providing food, support services, and therapy for those in need.

One example was Vika, who earlier this year reached out when her life had hit rock bottom. She had nothing. She lost her job, her home, and her children had been taken away from her by Child Protective Services.

Meir Panim immediately stepped in and provided Vika with therapy, set her up with welfare and disability payments, moved her into an apartment–and of course, provided her with nutritious hot meals! Through this support, Vika was able to find steady employment through the hard work of everyone at Meir Panim.

Today, instead of being on the receiving end, Vika has become a consistent volunteer at Meir Panim. Her sons are living with her again, and thankfully, she is back on her feet. Meir Panim changed the lives of Vika and her family. Her story is a testament to the fact that with the right resources breaking the cycle of poverty is possible!

Continuing Vika’s inspiring story, this past Sunday, the staff and volunteers at our Or Akiva Branch put together a lovely birthday celebration for Vika’s son, Imri’s fourth birthday.

The party was complete with festive decorations, party hats, and balloons–a prime example of the relationships and support network Meir Panim provides to all of its recipients, volunteers, and staff.

Vika may have been on the receiving end, but today she is giving back in ways that are immeasurable and inspirational.

At Meir Panim, we are so proud of the relationships we build with our recipients. Vika is just one example of how, through the proper support, anyone living below the poverty line can get back on their feet and even give back in immeasurable ways. We’re incredibly thankful for all of our volunteers who help us provide essential resources to those in need and change lives for the better every day.

We’re so happy that Vika has remained a part of the Meir Panim family and want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Imri!

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