Meir Panim Update
April Meir Panim Updates
April 27, 2021

Birthday Celebrations in Or Akiva

Fostering a vibrant community atmosphere amongst our clientele and volunteers is something that, we believe, is vital to serving those in need in a dignified manner. Earlier this week, we were thrilled to host a birthday celebration for our very own Savta Malka and Lior, two pillars of Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen in Or Akiva. Savta Malka and Lior are regular volunteers who enable us to prepare hundreds of meals a day and are beloved by everyone who visits our branches. Happy birthday Savta Malka and Lior, thank you for being a part of the Meir Panim family!

Welcome Back Diners!

After a challenging year of quarantines and lockdown, we are excited to announce that our Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens have re-opened to diners! Until now, our local clients have been receiving food through home deliveries. Now, because Israel has been at the global forefront in vaccinating its population, we can take steps to return to normal. Re-opening our branches is a tremendous relief for our recipients, allowing anyone vaccinated to eat their meals in our dignified Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens as they used to.

Baking Workshop at the Ben Gurion Neighborhood Youth Center

This week, teens at our Ben Gurion Neighborhood Youth Center enjoyed a baking workshop where they learned to make chocolate souffles. Not only did these young adults have fun, but they also gained valuable life skills. After the event, we heard from several participants that they recreated this recipe at home for their families! Through dynamic youth activities like our Baking Workshop, we can provide these young adults with the necessary skills and tools to break the cycle of poverty.

Sderot Ninja Warrior Course is Now in Action

We are excited to announce that our ‘Ninja Warrior’ activity is ready for use in our Sderot Neighborhood Youth Center! The ‘Ninja Warrior’ course is an outdoor obstacle course based on the popular television series. Through the obstacle course, our teens can foster proper strength training exercises and team-building skills.

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