Meir Panim Update
America Eats for Israel 2008
January 1, 1970

the idea is to have people eat out at participating restaurants on a designated date.

On the chosen day, each participating restaurant donates 10% of that day’s gross revenue to Meir Panim. The ability to feed hungry Israelis by doing something as simple and enjoyable as eating is the driving force behind this fundraiser’s tremendous success.

This year, on March 11th, about 100 restaurants throughout the United States and Canada participated in AEFI. As anticipated, it took off with a “bang”. As the numbers continue to roll in, the attainment of AEFI’s true potential is being discovered and realized. American Friends of Meir Panim is proud to be the recipient of such a fabulous fundraiser. Thanks to the efforts of all organizers of AEFI, the experience has truly been “dine-amite”!

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