Meir Panim Update
A Successful School Year with Meir Panim
September 5, 2022

Meir Panim’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty here in Israel, and one key element of this mission is educating the next generation. While we don’t “teach” them in the traditional sense, Meir Panim ensures that each student starts the school year feeling proud, ready, and of course, well-fed.

September 1st is well known throughout Israel as signifying the start of the school year (unless it happens to fall out on a weekend), and in the weeks prior the country’s parents are out in droves purchasing all the needed supplies.

If Meir Panim’s patrons have trouble scraping enough money together to purchase food and other necessities throughout the year, we certainly know that school supplies are an impossibility. Therefore, in an effort to make each child feel ready and “just like everyone else” we have, for the 4th year in a row, provided brand new backpacks and supplies to our communities.

Children can come into our branches and choose for themselves the supplies that they need in the patterns and colors of their liking, or parents can select on their behalf so the child doesn’t need to know their supplies came through charity.

Starting a brand-new school year, feeling confident and taken care of is a crucial way to inspire our children to succeed and focus on all that they need to do in their classrooms, and not feel left out, less than, or missing key supplies to work in school.

We are grateful for the ability to not only provide meals and basics for those in need but to go one step further and help our families succeed with dignity and respect!

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