Meir Panim Update
Zusman Family Dedicates “Relief Center” For Underprivileged Israeli Families
January 1, 1970

The new center, which is known as “Beit Zusman”, was dedicated in memory of their parents Rev. Louis & Mrs. Frieda Zusman and Berthold & Jenny Rothschild. The Zusman’s who are renowned for their philanthropic endeavors in Israel, were emotionally touched by the outpouring of warmth from the local community.

“Beit Zusman” has become the focal point for hundreds of underprivileged families in Kiryat Gat. The facility operates an upscale soup kitchen where hungry adults and children of all ages are able to enjoy a nourishing hot meal. In the afternoon hours, young boys and girls participate in a youth club that features a variety of fun activities within an emotionally warm environment.

Rabbi of Meitar Simcha Shtatner spoke as the representative of the donors of this special project. His contribution, which is called “Yosef HaMashbir”, is in the memory of Dudu Yosef Shenrach, z”l. Mrs. Esther Amar warmly praised the wonderful work of both organizations as well as the municipal welfare department. Other speakers included local volunteers and a number of diners who expressed their feelings of appreciation for the support and for the spacious and pleasant new facility

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