Meir Panim Update
Young Aiding the Old
January 1, 1970

The inspiring ceremony was held in the beautiful offices of Given Imaging Inc., the Israeli medical technology company responsible for the famous Pill Cam. Given Imaging generously supported this initiative, offering computer courses at their facilities for a period of ten months.

Distinguished guests at the event included the Deputy Mayor of Yoken’am, the Vice President of Given Imaging, and several key figures at the Welfare Department and the Institute for National Health Insurance, all enthusiastic advocates of the project.

The “Young Aiding the Old” program trains young adults to work in such fields as carpentry, electrical repair and plumbing as well as computer support training and environmentally oriented construction. At the same time, the program includes empowerment sessions, workplace preparation, enrichment and outdoor activities and more.

Upon completion of their training, participants utilize their new skills in the homes of the elderly and other needy individuals in the community, receiving a stipend and scholarship for their participation. The project brings assistance to those in need of it, while providing youth-at-risk with the employment training and self-esteem boost that they need to turn their lives around.

A young man, representing the graduates, thanked all involved in making this life-changing program possible. “You have persisted, when others have given up on us,” he said gratefully. “Your support and encouragement have warmed our hearts and filled us with hope.”

Meanwhile, the “Young Aiding the Old” program has been launched at three additional locations, serving various populations in Israel’s North. Each program is carefully tailored to the particular group, i.e. youth of Ethiopian decent, Arab youth or those who live in agricultural communities or Kibbutzim.

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