Meir Panim Update
When Rachel’s life flipped upside down, Meir Panim was there to help
October 10, 2021

Rachel used to be like any ordinary parent. She would get her three children ready for school every morning, make sure dinner was ready when they came home and tucked them into bed every night. That all changed when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Quickly, her entire world flipped upside down.

The taxing side effects of chemotherapy forced Rachel to stop working. Some of Rachel’s favorite things to do as a mother had suddenly become incredibly difficult, and in some cases…impossible.

The family fridge, once full of delicious homemade food, was now regularly empty. Rachel could not fight her illness and be the same support system to her family that she once was. It was too much.

One Friday morning, Meir Panim heard about Rachel’s situation. Immediately, we contacted our incredible branch managers to see if there was anything they could do to help Rachel and her family. Our branch managers, Nissim and Illanit, quickly mobilized volunteers to bring her family prepared food for Shabbat and any other groceries they needed.

At Meir Panim, we don’t just feed the hungry–we change lives.

While our branches prepare and distribute thousands of hot meals a day, it is so much more than that. Meir Panim’s staff work around the clock to provide for anyone in need. Regardless of whether or not they’re already part of the Meir Panim network, we make sure to be there and provide for them in their time of need.

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