Meir Panim Update
When Miracles Happen Through Meir Panim
January 6, 2019

Facebook is a wonderful tool to connect people. In fact, Meir Panim’s Facebook page recently helped to make a miracle happen. Here’s the story:

A daycare center, located in Israel’s northern city of Safed, recently wrote to us on Facebook. The teacher told us that her students come to the daycare center without coats because they did not own one.

Not only is Safed particularly cold, due to its mountainous location, but it is also known for its high rate of poverty.

Meir Panim’s Israel Director, Binyomin Ibenbaum, of course wanted to help. He was able to offer the needy children food. However, winter coats are not yet in the realm of Meir Panim’s mission.

Miraculously and almost simultaneously, Meir Panim’s southern Dimona branch unexpectedly received a large donation of winter coats for its patrons from someone who knew of Meir Panim’s great work in the area and had a surplus from his business.

Arrangements were quickly made to get Meir Panim’s “guy Friday,” Shragi to make the hour drive from Jerusalem to Dimona to pick up 50 coats and bring them up to the impoverished and cold citizens of Safed, an addition four hour drive.

The coats were (literally) warmly distributed and greatly appreciated.

Meir Panim wants to thank all those who were involved with making this miraculous story happen. May we continue to be a resource for connecting those who need with those who have.

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