Meir Panim Update
Volunteer Visits During A Crisis
December 28, 2023

The last week of the calendar year, when many workplaces around the world slow down, provides an ideal time for employees to take vacation and reset before the new year begins. 

More than ever, Meir Panim received inquiries from visitors coming to Israel from abroad, who wanted to help out and support locals during the time of war. 

With skyrocketing needs in Meir Panim’s expanded mission to help any displaced family or front-line troops who reach out, it truly takes a world of support and volunteers, which is exactly what we received in the final days of 2023!

Meir Panim branches across the country hosted volunteers from America, England, Singapore, and Australia, all of whom came to Israel during a time of war to stand with this nation and take part in Meir Panim’s mission.

In this experience, our volunteers provided key support to our Israel-based staff, volunteers, and recipients;  both strengthening our mission with their hands-on work and their spirit of giving back. Despite the different backgrounds and language barriers, each of our volunteers and Meir Panim teams made it work and had an incredible impact on each person they helped.

To learn more about volunteering with Meir Panim during this difficult time of war and year-round, visit this page on our website.  

We welcome all forms of support from our global community, those who can give of their time in person, those who can give financial support, and those who can share our mission with others!

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