Meir Panim Update
Visitors from Abundant Living Family Church Use Holy Land Trip to Help Others
October 21, 2018

Meir Panim‘s Jerusalem Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen was honored to host a committed and energetic group of 15 volunteers visiting Israel on a mission through their California place of worship, Abundant Living Family Church.

This was the group’s first visit to Israel, and they enthusiastically spent time touring sites throughout the Holy Land. But they also made giving to others a priority during their visit by dedicating a significant amount of time to volunteer work.

The group spent the final two days of their journey learning about how Meir Panim provides a safety net for Israel’s neediest citizens through a network of five Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens throughout Israel.

The volunteers experienced Meir Panim’s work in full swing at the Jerusalem Restaurant by helping to prepare fresh salads and other foods for lunch. They then greeted and spoke with clients as they served meals with kindness and warm smiles.

Missions and giving back are key focuses of Abundant Living Family Church, which has 12,000 members. Its core value is centered on a commitment to world and community outreach as well as addressing social needs, character building and responsibility to others.

This was a wonderful opportunity for Meir Panim’s staff and patrons to meet a committed, caring group of people who came together in order to elevate their trip to Israel by making it more than just a vacation. By volunteering at Meir Panim, they took the opportunity to give back and help others.

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