Meir Panim Update
Updates From Our Teen Centers In Sderot
February 18, 2020

In our Neviim center, the teens enjoy preparing home-cooked meals together. They recently cooked their own schnitzel including vegetables and rice. Learning nutrition is an important aspect of their enrichment activities.

In addition, an important component to our program is homework and exam assistance through group support and supervision.

The 7th graders of Nir Am went on an exciting field trip to a culinary institute where they were able to bake and prepare in a professional kitchen. The teens participated in a workshop where they made delicious puff pastry desserts.

At the Ben Gurion center, the teens participated in a special workshop with IDF volunteers. The soldiers prepared and led a trivia game about the history of Sderot and Israeli history. This was a fun and creative way for the teens to learn about their homeland. To end the night right, the center topped the evening with a nutritious meal!



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