Meir Panim Update
Updates from Meir Panim, as Israel Fights off Third Wave of the Coronavirus
January 5, 2021

Israel is facing a record-breaking wave of COVID-19, with each day bringing news of rising cases and death rates. This has forced the Israeli government to extend its third lockdown until at least the end of January, with a possibility of an extension.

The strain of the virus on Israel’s economy is growing daily and becoming more difficult for the country’s middle class to endure. Unemployment rates are up as small and large businesses struggle to make ends meet in lockdown.

Meir Panim, with the help of generous supporters from around the world, has been able to increase its efforts to support the growing number of individuals going through financial hardships now. Here are some of the ways its branches have taken on Corona and helped strengthen their communities during the tough times.

Or Akiva Keeping Children Happy

In Or Akiva, dedicated staff and volunteers have been working extra hard, following all government health regulations, to keep up with the demand for Takeout and Meals-on-Wheels. To brighten the faces of children stuck at home during the lockdown, meals also included chocolate milk as a special treat.

Gap Year Students Volunteer

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem branch enjoyed help from a group of teens from the Netherlands. The group is in Israel on a gap year, but because their activities were suspended during the lockdown, the program director connected with Meir Panim to make sure they had something meaningful to do with their time. Needless to say, having them at the branch was a special experience all around!

Tiberias Branch Receive Special Recognition

Up north, Meir Panim received a special letter from the Ministry of Health recognizing its incredible work in Tiberias. The branch invests so much into helping its community- beyond feeding them-just last year hosted an event with the Ministry to help give advice and assistance to its patrons.

While it hasn’t been easy, Meir Panim is proud to serve as a lifeline to Israel’s needy and will continue to work around the clock to ensure that every Israeli citizen is taken care of during this difficult time.

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