Meir Panim Update
Try not to cry watching this heartwarming thank you video!
December 29, 2020

Every day, Meir Panim has the special privilege of caring for thousands of needy Israelis. And while our on-site branch managers and volunteers have the pleasure of hearing the stories and expressions of gratitude from our patrons daily, the rest of us don’t always have that opportunity. 

However, last week, a very special individual who has been a regular at Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen felt that she needed to share her appreciation with everyone who supports Meir Panim – not just the staff, but every single person and donor who backs the organization and helps keep our operations going. 

Watch her heartfelt and emotional thank you video below and experience first-hand the impact that Meir Panim is able to make every day!

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