Meir Panim Update
The Orenstein Family Volunteers at Meir Panim's Free Restaurant in Jerusalem
January 1, 1970

Nicole, the branch manager of the Free Restaurant in Jerusalem, said that the Orenstein’s were one of the most wonderful groups of volunteers ever to visit the restaurant!

Here’s what the Orenstein’s had to say about their experience:
Our experience at Meir Panim was one of the highlights of our trip. Everyone in our family who participated, from the youngest grandchildren to the oldest grandparent, knew that he or she was involved in a wonderful mitzvah. Whether we were setting up the trays, dishing out the food, greeting the guests, or serving them food, we truly enjoyed the experience. And, most of all, we were all impressed by the thoughtfulness, kindness and dignity with which the guest are treated, traits that are the hallmarks of Meir Panim and its wonderful staff. It was a privilege to be with you.

Thank you for the opportunity to part of this extraordinary institution. Whenever we are in Israel, we hope to return.

With all our best wishes,
The Orensteins

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