Meir Panim Update
The Global Leadership Forum and Schulz Quality Catering
January 1, 1970

in advance of the completion of the Mortimer Zuckerman and Abigail Zuckerman Israel Nutrition Center in Kiryat Gat. Schulz Quality Catering will operate the Nutrition Center, which will provide up to 30,000 meals daily to needy individuals.

The introduction took place at a Schulz catered kitchen belonging to Amdocs in Ra’anana, continued with a festive meal at the “Mandarin Loft,” a Schulz owned catering hall, and concluded with the Nutrition Center’s renovation commencement ceremony.

All were impressed with the Schulz’s drive to help the less fortunate and the high quality of their products, and look forward to working together toward a brighter future for all!

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