Meir Panim Update
The difference two Bat Mitzvah girls can make!
January 1, 1970

They contacted Meir Panim, and together devised a project whereby the girls could really affect the lives of the less fortunate.

The girls got to work and raised over $13,000 towards the funding of Food Shopping Cards!

On Thursday, June 16th, both girls, along with their extended families and friends, arrived at Meir Panim’s Jerusalem restaurant.

Decked out in brand new, Bat Mitzvah themed aprons, they all got to work.

The atmosphere was busy and joyous! In every corner of the kitchen, people were happily chopping and peeling, while another group was serving the diners.

The diners were overjoyed to receive the Food Cards, each worth 250 Shekels ($73), to be used at the major supermarkets in Israel.

After this meaningful experience, the group went upstairs to celebrate the superb achievement of these exceptional young women.

The girls were presented with a recognition plaque, followed by a huge round of applause!

As they embark on their journey to adulthood, may Sydney and Stefanie continue on the path of loving kindness and caring for others.

Mazal Tov!

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