Meir Panim Update
Summer break is on
July 24, 2023

Summer break is on, however, for Meir Panim our branches are busier than ever taking care of those in need of a helping hand and with volunteers from all over the world visiting Israel.

Families with children, solo travellers and couples on getaways have all connected with Meir Panim branches to spend time giving back and getting to meet, in person, all kinds of local residents from staff, volunteers and those in need.

We have also hosted multiple groups of teen tours whose trip organizers schedule in time to give back and build meaning into the overall itineraries.
Recent volunteers have shared that their time in Israel has been enhanced by their volunteering with Meir Panim in their own words:

I appreciated that you try and help as many people as you can in many different ways, and the space itself- the restaurant style shows people that you really care.

I was surprised at how nice and friendly everyone who came in was. It’s a part of how dignified the experience is.

It was a very special day and we enjoyed working with all your wonderful employees. They are committed, polite, and treated the people with dignity.
–Leslie and Neil

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