Meir Panim Update
Summer at Meir Panim Or Akiva, Happy Campers, Meaningful Volunteers
July 27, 2022

Meir Panim’s Or Akiva center is particularly festive and fun for the months of summer break, with the sounds of children’s laughter and energy filling the halls!

For local children whose families can not afford summer camps, Camp Meir Panim provides them with incredible summer memories, fun activities, water sports and delicious meals. Every summer, our branch manager, along with a team of volunteers, build an engaging and meaningful schedule of activities to keep these children learning, growing and busy in a fun and supportive environment. 

Included in the thoughtful schedule are weekly field trips every Tuesday, when our Or Akiva branch hosts their “free market” days, planned so that the children will not see their parents, family members or neighbors receiving their weekly basket of farm-fresh produce and pantry staples. The team has truly thought about each detail of the camp to ensure the children do not feel any different than “regular” Israeli kids in a “regular” camp program. 

Camp Meir Panim also features arts and crafts, meaningful workshops, water play and everything in between, and of course, a full nutritious breakfast and lunch, and snacks galore. 

On Tuesdays, for the Or Akiva “free market”, when the campers are off site, the center, as every Tuesday, fills up with farm-fresh produce and pantry staples for distribution to hundreds of needy families in the entire area. This summer in particular, we are receiving essential help from visiting families eager to give back and volunteer during their summer trips. 

After two years of being closed for tourism due to Covid travel restrictions, Israel is once again open and we are grateful for the help of international volunteers, especially families, coming in to give back with a fun and meaningful morning.

A visit to Meir Panim Or Akiva allows a visiting family to meet local volunteers, supporters and service recipients in a family friendly activity where children as young as 4 years old can take part and make a difference. 

Below are some of our recent visitors hard at work. They came in full of energy and spirit, enjoyed the experience, and left inspired and having inspired our local community members. A special thank you to the Wolf and Schecter families for making Meir Panim a part of your recent trips to Israel!

We are so grateful that our Or Akiva center is able to transform so many lives this summer and year round due to essential support, financially and through hands-on volunteering from supporters throughout the globe.

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