Meir Panim Update
Special Summer Outings for Holocaust Survivors
July 12, 2023

Despite the oppressive heat in Israel’s southern city of Dimona, the participants of our Holocaust Survivor Day Center always look forward to the summer. Every year, to provide them the best relief from their isolation and the challenges of aging, Meir Panim plans special summer outings for the group to lift their spirits.

Past trips have included trips to a pool club and the Dead Sea, and this month they enjoyed a day of culture at the symphony.

The group attended a matinee performance of traditional Greek music and followed it up with lunch out at a local restaurant to discuss the music, enjoy time together outside of their everyday routine, and of course, relax and have fun.

These experiences, often trivial for many of us, truly mean the world to our Holocaust Survivor group. They provide them with special memories and opportunities that they could not participate in on their own due to transportation, mobility, or financial limitations.

Getting out of the Center also gives our participants the chance to bond under different circumstances with our staff and volunteers, who are like a second family to the survivors and who work together every day to provide them with the best quality of life possible.

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