Meir Panim Update
Sir Erich Reich of the UK Visits With Meir Panim
January 1, 1970

To show their appreciation for his visit, the sixth-graders prepared a beautiful ceremony and dance piece.
During his speech to the children, Sir Erich Reich shared how when he was a child in the Kindertransport, he was orphaned and living alone. “Having gone through this difficult experience,” said Reich. “I know how important it is to fight in life.” At the closing ceremony, the children presented Sir Erich Reich with a beautiful booklet and a gift they prepared during their art classes.

Next, Sir Erich Reich visited the construction site of the Israel Nutrition Center in Kiryat Gat. He met with the architect and was given a tour of the most recent renovations. After walking through the grounds, he expressed his amazement at the 100,000 square foot facility that will feed up to 30,000 hungry children and families.

Finally, his journey ended at the Meir Panim Free Restaurant in Jerusalem where he enjoyed a hot meal with local diners. For us, it was an honor to host Sir Erich Reich and we look forward to having him visit again soon.

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