Meir Panim Update
Sir Erich Reich – New Chairman of Meir Panim UK!
January 1, 1970

Sir Erich Reich has decided to assist Holocaust survivors, children and poor families of all denominations living in Israel by raising awareness and support for Meir Panim’s work in the U.K. The first major fundraising event planned is a 10 km “Night Soup Walk” through the East End of London. This is an extraordinary opportunity to raise funds for Meir Panim, while also exploring a historical area where soup kitchens for hungry refugees were so prominent and necessary at the turn of the last century.

The “Night Soup Walk” will begin at Liverpool Street Station beside the ‘Kindertransport’ monument, which portrays the statue of a 4-year-old boy with a violin. The statue is now known as Sir Erich Reich when he arrived to the U.K. as a child. At the completion of the walk, each participant will be served a warm bowl of soup to remind them of the soup kitchens that stood there over a century ago.

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