Meir Panim Update
Sending Love from Or Akiva to Israel’s Defenders
May 25, 2021

The Israel Defense Forces’ recent deployment in Operation Guardian of the Walls saw many young soldiers being sent to the frontlines to protect the country. Throughout the 11 day war, Meir Panim went to work providing on the ground support to victims of terror and IDF soldiers. Even now that the war has ended in a ceasefire as of the end of last week, Meir Panim’s devoted staff continued to help our brothers and sisters on the frontlines.

It all started when Meir Panim’s incredible staff in Or Akiva heard the news that several military units were going to be stationed outside its city to man the Iron Dome missile defense system over the Sabbath. These young men and women could not go home to be with their families over the Jewish day of rest, nor could they properly celebrate the holiday because they needed to man their positions 24/7.

“After hearing that the soldiers would be posted non-stop on Friday… in full numbers over Shabbat,” recounts Mimi Rozmaryn, Director of Global Development at Meir Panim, “our staff immediately went to work preparing beautiful Shabbat meals to help ease the burden of these soldiers who, despite the ceasefire, had to be on high alert.”

Ilanit, director of Meir Panim’s facilities in Or Akiva, wasted no time preparing meals for the soldiers before Shabbat began. She and her team assembled many well-received, homemade Shabbat meals for the IDF soldiers stationed at Israel’s Iron Dome facilities.

Ilanit and her crew were also responsible for sending out several care packages to the soldiers stationed near Or Akiva earlier in the week, during the heat of the crisis with Gaza. She and the Meir Panim staff collected sweets, snacks, clothes, and hygiene supplies to send to the battlefront during the height of the war to show our brave brothers and sisters that they never stand alone.

Meir Panim will always go out of its way to help Israelis in need. Whatever the circumstances, but especially in moments of crisis, we aim to always be a resource of care and comfort.

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