Meir Panim Update
Seeking a Sense of Calm
November 14, 2019

When the terror attacks from Gaza struck Israel last week, the fear and anxiety that followed was heightened. Teens continued to seek comfort from Meir Panim’s youth centers. We are hopeful that they can return to their routines soon and that while the certainty of Israel is always a delicate balance, we, at Meir Panim, provide them with the tools to cope with these traumatic events.

In the Ben Gurion Meir Panim Sderot center, young adults commemorated the anniversary of Yitzchak Rabin’s assassination with conversation about hatred and love. The workshop was closed by each child sharing what the center means to them.

In Nir Am, the youth started a mock parliament for the the year. This is the equivalent of a student council club. Together they enjoyed a pizza night where the pizzas weren’t ordered in, rather they were baked in the center. The old-fashioned way proved to be unifying in efforts and bonding for the group.

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