Meir Panim Update
Sderot On The Rise!
July 1, 2021

Sderot has had a rough year with the combined Covid-19 lockdowns and rockets from Hamas-controlled Gaza. Sderot’s teens have had it particularly hard; they were severely traumatized by the constant lockdowns and the endless barrage of rockets. Now that things are starting to return to normal, our Neighborhood Youth Centers seized the opportunity to help provide relief and healing to the city’s teenagers.

Teens taking their cooking skills to the next level

The incredible staff of our Neviim Neighborhood Youth Center in Sderot helped facilitate a delicious series of cooking workshops. Participants got to make Italian and Israeli dishes using classic ingredients and techniques. For their Italian meal, the teens made homemade pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. Then they learned about Israeli cuisine, cooking up a storm of hamburgers seasoned with local herbs and spices.

Interior Decorating and painting fun

Our Neviim Neighborhood Youth Center also got a DIY makeover with the help of our teens. The teens and staff came together and spent hours painting the blank walls with a fresh and vibrant coat. Allowing the teens to take the initiative on the project not only improved the Center’s appearance but instilled a greater sense of pride and appreciation in the young participants’ attitudes towards the facilities as a result of their hard work and efforts.

Fun for everyone

Lastly, the Ben Gurion and Neviim Neighborhood Youth Centers embarked on a fun-filled adventure to iJump, a massive indoor and outdoor trampoline park and gymnasium located nearby. The outing was just what the local teens needed to blow off some steam after a string of difficult months.

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