Meir Panim Update
Rotem Industries Teams Up With Meir Panim to Give Back During Lockdown
November 9, 2020

Israel is slowly opening up from a state of lockdown. Schools are beginning to reopen and some Israelis are finally returning to work. The unemployment rate is still high at nearly 23%, but there is hope that things will improve for the better.

Meir Panim is still serving three times more clients than they did pre-pandemic. Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen staff and volunteers are working around the clock in order to ensure that each client receives the nourishment they need. Fortunately for Meir Panim, the Dimona Branch had an incredible group of volunteers from Rotem Industries to help with the influx of clients. 

Rotem Industries is a firm that specializes in developing technology for medicine, the environment and many other humanitarian causes. Their offices were shut down along with the rest of Israel’s workforce during the lockdown. And instead of sitting at home waiting for life to resume, the employees came together to make a difference and help others.

For an entire week, Meir Panim’s Dimona Branch had the pleasure of working with these amazing individuals. Meir Panim greatly benefited from their help and the Rotem volunteers enjoyed giving back to others during this difficult time. 

We hope that they will return under better circumstances in the near future and join in Meir Panim’s efforts again to feed the needy citizens of Israel.

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