Meir Panim Update
Purim Preparations and Meal Kits With Our Valued Partner, Latet
March 2, 2021

Purim Preparations in Or Akiva

Purim, the Jewish holiday celebrating the miraculous elimination of the fatal decree against the Jewish people, is a festive day commemorated with acts of giving throughout the Jewish community. On Purim, it is customary to dress up in fun costumes, give money to the poor and distribute food packages to friends, family, and anyone in need.

The holidays can be an especially difficult time for the impoverished as the cost of celebrating traditionally can quickly become expensive, excluding them from celebrating like the rest of society. Meir Panim continues to be at the forefront of ensuring that our local clientele can enjoy all holidays, including Purim, with absolute respect and dignity.

Already weeks before the holiday, our Or Akiva staff was hard at work getting ready for Purim. In addition to the hundreds of meals they provide each day, our team prepared hundreds of holiday food packages for Purim that we distributed to the local community. All of this is to ensure our clientele receives the festive and joyous Purim that they deserve.

Meal Kits With Our Valued Partner, Latet

Throughout any given day, many moving pieces make all the incredible services that Meir Panim has to offer possible. One of those moving pieces is our strong and strategic partnerships with various organizations within Israel. With the help of one of our valued partners, Latet, we secured a large donation of food products directly from the food manufacturer.

Our dedicated staff immediately went to work preparing essential meal kits for the local community with the products. The meal kits included nutritious homemade meals and various dairy products made possible with help from Latet. Through meal kits like these, we can confidently ensure that Israel’s impoverished are adequately cared for in the most dignified manner possible.

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